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Professional Service For
Your Wired & Wireless
Computer Networking Needs

Your Networking Resource
For Central California
based in Fresno County

Complete computer repair, upgrades, setup/installation, and network support.
for all major brands including DELL & HP Servers, Workstations (running Microsoft  Server, XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc), Cisco & Linksys Routers, Switches, Hubs, Wireless Access Points (WAP) and Sonicwall Firewalls.

Suffering from outdated hardware and software? Tired of tripping over that wiring mess?
Have you discovered the consumer grade hardware you purchased at your companies startup isn't cutting it anymore?
Time to upgrade to business class hardware (we can help with equipment selection)?
Want the speed and reliability that networked access to the internet provides?
Setting up a new computer network, and want it designed and installed right the first time?
Require computer repair or upgrades?
Need help selecting a reliable local Phone and Data service provider?

We can help!
Whatever your needs . Big or small. We have hourly support for customers with
only occasional needs, or we have pre-paid plans for regular on-going support
that apply discounts to help your budget. If you need an entire network installed,
just a single workstation computer upgrade, or pesky spyware and
virus infection removal, we can help.


Other needs?
Referral services available for Phone switches, website development, etc.

David Miles - Computer Networking Consultant
Phone (559) 307-2700

Proud supporter of the CERT volunteer program.

















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